Messy Closet – Production

I have an idea – a messy “Closet” to represent disorganization, confusion, disarray, mess & disorder! Ha! – Now what to do, let’s see… I have a closet, I’ll use that. Mmmm, that carpet will never work, I’ll go to the big box hardware store & get some easy to install flooring I can remove later.  Now props, mmmm, I know the thrift store has lots of cheap items & a great selection of clothes, hats, old radio, old shoes, tennis racquet & the first Monday of each month is 50% off, I’ll do that instead of pulling my wife’s clothes from her closet, trust me, bad idea… Now how about a model, I need someone thin, young & can understand the concept of what I want, hey, how about that art student, she needs some extra cash & will have a understanding of what I’m trying to do. Cool.

OK – you get the idea, use what you have & adapt to it. Find cheap props from yard sales & thrift stores. Lighting, I choose tungsten for this shot, I can control tungsten much better than flash or strobes. Talent, I find students for some of my concepts, they can always use the extra money. Camera, use what you have, I shoot Canon 5D for some shots & my Hasselblad H4 for others. Total time for this shoot was about 10 hours with getting props, flooring retouching & metadata plus cleanup, the shooting was about an hour.


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