Morie’ Patterns

Every now & then we all have to deal with Morie’ patterns. Usually Morie’ patterns show up in shirts or models apparel & it is due to interference between fabric texture and the grid pattern on the digital camera’s sensor. I have tried several ways of getting rid of Morie pattern & here are two that work.

Photoshop: Method “A”

  1. With your image open choose the Eyedropper tool from the photoshop palette & select a color sample of the fabric
  2. Select the “Brush” tool from the Photoshop toolbar then change the size of the brush to suit your needs
  3. Change the “Mode” from Normal to Color
  4. Brush away the Morie
  5. You may still have some darker lines within the fabirc but at least the color is gone – you’ll have to clone these darker lines out or leave them alone depending on how they look

Photoshop: Method “B” – A little better on the original color accuracy of the fabric

  1. With your image open: Duplicate your Layer
  2. Go to Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur – adjust this filter to blur just enough to make the Morie’ color go away
  3. Go to the History palette > Make a Snapshot – name it Blur
  4. Apple – Z to undo the Gaussian Blur from the original photo
  5. In the History Pallet: Click just to the right of the “Blur” snapshot to Set the “Source of the History Brush”
  6. In the Tool pallet select the History Brush & adjust it to your desire size
  7. Change the “Mode” from Normal to “Color”
  8. Now simply erase away the Morie pattern – You still may end up with some darker lines from the pattern you may have to clone out

These two methods are the best I have found so far.. If you have another way feel free to comment!


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