Steve and his assistant continuously seek new models for stock and encourage people of all types, even groups of people to contact us. We seek friendly and cheerful people because that is what sells. We gladly pay 50 – 100 USD and or trade services for models. If you think you can contribute to our world of stock, please send us your link or photos and we promise we will take a look. Whether you are experienced or new to modeling we like to hear from all potential talent and thank you in advance for contacting us!


We love smiles.
We seek people, all people – from babies to seniors all races and genders from all walks of life.
We can hardly find enough groups of people like families, friends & students,so please contact us.
We encourage you to contact us!
When shooting with us we like to work with models who are ready and willing to learn and interact with the photographer.


You can look forward to a positive and productive experience shooting with Steve.
Signing a model release means that you are giving us your permission to use your imagery for commercial purposes and that you understand that you release all images and their rights to us. We can gladly give you a final image from a shoot that you are welcome to use in your portfolio. All minors need to have an accompanying guardian to sign a model release.


It’s always a good time to work on a shoot with Steve. The set is laid back, and laughing is guaranteed. Steve is professional, focused, and of course, takes great shots. It’s a privilege to be on his list of models to call.

–Lynne Holder

I’ve worked with a lot of photographers, but  Steve’s quiet, quick witted, hilarious personality makes anyone around him feel like family. His passion for photography shines when he spends 45 minutes on the perfect lighting for just one shot! He loves what he does and so do I, he is the best.

–Haley Castille

I first worked with Steve three years ago and have had the pleasure to shoot with him several times since then. I’ve always been very impressed with his professionalism and humor on set. He’s very good at giving direction and he gets his models involved by frequently asking for input during a shoot. Steve’s images are uniquely creative and some of the best I’ve seen anywhere. He’s exceptional at telling a story with just one shot, and a magician behind the lens and post production. Steve and I have developed a friendship over the years and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who asks.

–Bob Cousins, Actor and Print Model  – J Pervis Talent, Atlanta, GA


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