Hard Drive Backup – Simple

I’ve been re-thinking my backup strategy & have come across a simple solution – removing all my older RAW files from my main working hard drives. Why do I really need these old files on my main hard drives anyway?  Copy them over to independent external hard drives by using a simple hard drive cradle – the cradle is USB 3.0 – you can use any brand hard drive in it, you can make two copies at the same time & is cheap storage. I also found these hi quality holders for the hard drives.

Just one of the reasons a hard drive fails in a standard external hard drive – like lacie, g-tech or many others is not the drive itself but the controller board within the external hard drive or the firewire/usb ports, power supply etc…

This simple system eliminates 50% of what can go wrong with an external hard.

Cost: StarTech usb cradle which can support up to an 4 TB hard drive: $60.00

Hard Drive Case


External hard drive backup system.

External hard drive backup system.